One side of the tatami room is mounted and the tatami kit is made. Click on the tumbnails for bigger pictures.


I have found another oriental house kit at Olde Mountain Miniatures, the Wabi . Click on Products and then on Room Settings.

I will keep the foamcore for the time being. I think I can put it together without gluing the foamcore and be able to replace the foamcore at a later date. I painted it in a brown color I had but found it to light. Went to Panduro (hobby material store) today and bougt a darker brown color which I hope will match the dark brown stain better. Hope it will be Saturday soon and I will have time to build it.

I started to mount the tatami room. I have also found a solution to the foamcore parts that are meant to be inserted. I will replace them with thin plywood as the foam ages rather fast. So I will have to find some thin plywood and saw parts from. But I am very pleased with the rather dark stain I have chosen. Now I would need some time to spend  on the kits but tomorrow it is back to work.

Now I have lacquered the porch as well.

At last I have put lacquer on the stained part for the tatami room. They are drying at the moment. Hope to lacquer the porch today also. And I do hope to try to put the rooms together before tuesday when I am back to work again, Slowly but surely does it.

Japanese newspaper, japanese geta, tatami, kimono wrap, and kimono and obi stand.

My prayers for the people of Japan!

I have now stained all parts for the tatami room and the porch and need to add a protective coating before building it. All woodwork and paned doors are stained dark brown and solid doors light brown to contrast. One of the pictures from Takayama shows light doors and I think it makes a nice contrast to the dark woodwork. Tomorrow my christmas vacation ends and it is back to work again.  Well I have at least started on the Japanese house.

Dark brown stain

Dark brown stain

My son and I looked at the kits on New Years Eve and realised they needed to be painted before assembly. I am thinking dark brown stain as color. I have tried several stains I have at home and think I have found it. My son sent me the suggestion to search for Takayama. to look at old japanese houses. My son sent me some links for pictures. One of  them have light doors contrasting with the dark woodwork. That looks quite attractive.  Another site with pictures from Takayama shows all woodwork dark even the doors. Yet a third shows only dark woodwork.

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